With Juan Ruiz Naupari

We would like to announce that the registration period for the Cartography of Consciousness course has been opened. It will be offered online in both English and Spanish.

This Pneuma Transpersonal Training module invites you to know the fundamental concepts and practices of Pneuma’s spiritual psychology and it will offer you a revealing comparative study of ancient philosophies through which you will discover:

– The keys left by each of them as a guide to transit our inner processes that can lead to higher levels of consciousness and plenitude.

– The meaning of archetypes, myths and symbols from different traditions and how to develop all your transformative potential.

– A spiritual vision on sexuality.
– The great healing power of Amplified States of Consciousness, which you will be able to

experience through Pneuma Breathwork.*


  • –  Those who are presently doing professional Pneuma Transpersonal Training and Pneuma Breathwork.
  • –  Those willing to implement a transpersonal vision in their everyday lives or in their professional practice.
  • –  Those in need of greater understanding of transpersonal states, spiritual emergencies or experiences in amplified states.


  • The inner process and self-realization in different traditions.
  • The Creative Energy and Sacred Sexuality.
  • Hinduism and the first heirs of knowledge: the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita.
  • Egypt and the key to mystery cults.
  • Greece and mystical philosophers.
  • Judaism, from macrocosm to microcosm: Kabbalah.
  • Christianity: Gnostic and apocryphal gospels.
  • Buddhism, between the world and Nirvana: the Sutras.
  • Islam and Sufism, in search of the Beloved one.DATES:

    February 8th March 15th April 12th May 10th

    In this course you will be able to access:
    4 blocks of pre-recorded videos till June 1st (in Spanish and English).
    4 Practices for self-knowledge, meditation and attention.
    4 group live sessions of questions and answers with certified facilitators

    All live sessions will be done through Zoom and will be recorded so that they can be watched later on.


Cartography of Consciousness and Pneuma Transpersonal Training® have been created by Juan Ruiz Naupari, psychologists, founder and director of Pneuma Institute. Our training and therapies are endorsed by his 40 years of experience in the field of amplified states of consciousness and personal development.

*You will be notified of upcoming on-site sessions in the closest town to where you live. They will be carried out as soon as the global situation permits.