Module III


Cartography of Consciousness is the third core module in Transpersonal Psychology and Pneuma Breathwork within the Pneuma System. This module explores the process of spiritual awakening from the perspective of the world’s great esoteric traditions, discovering in them a universal map of consciousness which unifies and compliments the unique vision each of them offer. As we delve into the inner wisdom of these teachings, our understanding of the spiritual path and what it entails is augmented, giving us a clearer vision of the process we ourselves must undergo in order to attain Self-Realization.

In the Cartography of Consciousness module, we broaden our knowledge and comprehension of the internal processes of transformation, through the study of myths, archetypes, and symbols from ancient traditions around the world, including Buddhism, the Kabbalah, Shamanism, Christianity, Hinduism, Alchemy, and Greek Mythology. We also study symbols and archetypes belonging to the collective human unconscious, which continue to be active and present within the psyche. Through the experience and integration of these symbols and archetypes, their healing potential is activated, and we acquire greater understanding of our internal processes.

Part of this process unfolds through investigating deeper levels of our psyche and working to transform subtle levels of negativity within our unconscious. Therefore, this module gives us increased refined knowledge about the inner mechanisms of the ego, and greater advanced tools for its transcendence. As this occurs, we further develop the faculties of serene self-observation and discernment, which play essential roles in liberating the latent virtues of our Inner Being. Thus, we are able to more fully embody our sacred purpose, becoming instruments for the Divine to express through.


  • Pneuma Unveiled
  • Refining the Practice of Pneuma Breathwork
  • Vedic Wisdom
  • The Spiritual Teachings of Gnostic Texts
  • The Teachings of Buddha
  • The Tibetan Yoga of Healing
  • The Wisdom of the Runes
  • The Three Jewels of the Divine Mother
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • The Liberating Power of Kundalini Shakti
  • Deconstructing the Hidden Face of the “I”
  • Universal Archetypes
  • The Initiatic Tarot
  • Inner Teachings of the Qabalah
  • The Spiritual Dimensions of Nature
  • Sufi Mysticism
  • Solar Hierarchies
  • Unveiling Universal Mythology

The content of each module develops within the framework of theoretical teachings and various psychological and spiritual practices, which includes several Pneuma Breathwork sessions. The objective of Pneuma Breathwork is to expand our consciousness into a transpersonal field of awareness and thereby access a direct experience of our True Nature. These unique and powerful experiences provide essential points of reference that aid us greatly within our process of inner transformation.

The module consists of 18 two-hour classes plus 6 four-hour Pneuma Breathwork sessions. It is also offered in the form of weekend intensives and week-long retreats. Please contact us at for more information.