October 27 – Day of Inner Peace

Are you looking for a life free from conflict? Realize Peace in your Heart and turn your world into an oasis of Joy!

Day of Inner peace

An event organized by the Pneuma Institute for over 30 years and celebrated all over the world!

☀️ a concrete message to revolutionize your perspective and invite you to answer the call of Life, offered every year on this day by the International Director of Pneuma Institute ~ Juan Ruiz Naupari

☀️Juan Ruiz Naupari, a transpersonal psychotherapist of shamanic lineage, founded Pneuma as a result of his inner experiences and the inspiration received from the Golden Eagle, a Divine Archetype.

🦅 “Tranquility in the heart, peace in the mind, Love in everything,evoke it, always”
Golden Eagle

☀️Connect live here, search for the time of your country⤵️
Los Angeles 06:30 SSS 7:00, CdM 9:00, Rome, Berlin, Madrid, Stockholm 16:00, Timisoara 17:00, Delhi 19:00, Melbourne 00:00