pneuma System

The program is aimed at those who want to incorporate into their life greater self-knowledge and tools that ancestral traditions have defined for the process of healing the psyche and human evolution.

You’ll gain:

1. Increased understanding of yourself and your life processes
2. Practical tools to live your life in a transpersonal / spiritual, integrating a new vision of the human being and the universal laws in the context of the awakening of Consciousness
3. Practical Meditations for use in your daily practice
4. Practical work with Archetypes

At the end of each module a certificate of attendance will be given.


1. Inner Knowledge

compartir-1Analysis and investigation of human nature that includes the study of values of consciousness and the transcendence of ego. This course integrates the map of the personal process proposed by the ancestral traditions and also the tools that they have offered in order to move the human being towards a objective which goes beyond the healing of physical or psychological symptoms: namely self-realization. It provides understanding of the mental and emotional personal processes and the ability to overcome them in order to reach the nucleus of peace and harmony which is the true nature of every human being.
We recover the phases of inner work that the sacred traditions and spiritual teachers have recorded in their scriptures by carrying out a comparative study of them and defining themes which are common to them all so that we can in this way propose a global model which, step by step, leads to Integral Wellbeing or Awakening.

2. The Transpersonal Universe

In this module we investigate the subtle reality of the human being and his most internal dimensions. It proposes the application of the transpersonal experience and also introduces concepts about the profound anatomy of the human being and reality (psychoenergetic centers, chakras, subtle bodies, the multidimensionality of the universe …) and how these apply to the course of one’s life. The goal is to integrate these experiences and concepts into our everyday reality so that they come to be a guide for inner development.
We will deepen our understanding of the universe, creation and universal laws according to the philosophy of ancient traditions and the sacred texts of those traditions: karma and dharma, return, recurrence, reincarnation, compensation, the law of affinity, sacred sexuality, etc., amongst other key concepts so that we can understand understanding our life circumstances, family and personal relationships, the appearance of certain symptoms – in order that we may transcend these aspects from the cause that generated them I the first place.

3. Cartography of Consciousness

respiracion-5-600x401In this module we gain knowledge and understanding of the internal processes of transformation through the study of myths, archetypes and symbols that belong to the oldest traditions in the world: Buddhism, Kabbalah, Shamanism, Christianity, Hinduism, Alchemy, Greek mythology, and other symbols and archetypes which belonging to the collective unconscious of humanity that are still active and present within the psyche. Through experiencing and integrating them, their healing potential is activated leading to the understanding of internal processes.

Each module lasts 64 hours including 6 sessions of Pneuma Breathwork.

Those who in addition to undergoing their process of personal development, are interested in becoming a Pneuma Human Development Facilitator, please ask for the requirements at