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We are living a crucial moment in the history of humanity. New schools, institutes and universities are needed to teach an unbiased type of thinking that can generate a radical change. In turn, this can cause a permanent revolution inside the human being through Love. Only in this way will it be possible to create a harmonious society.


The multidisciplinary, academic, artistic and spiritual education provided by Pneuma Institute gives you the possibility to cultivate a transcendental type of consciousness and abolish fear, which blocks the creative force that gives way to pure, spontaneous activity in everyday life. Pneuma Psychology will give you the scientific methods and procedures that human beings need to know themselves, transform themselves radically and contribute to the creation of a new Culture of Peace.


We value and respect all religions and spiritual traditions. We promote superior intelligence and emotion, free of all ego, as a permanent centre of consciousness in the human being, in order to walk towards a future of coexistence, decency, freedom, compassion and brotherhood with others and with nature. We aim to help humanity to appreciate life as a precious opportunity to achieve self realization.


With over 30 years of experience in the fields of human development, with a team of professionals from the fields of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, philosophy, education, fine arts and sciences, ecology, architecture and total quality and business management models, Pneuma Institute focuses on the transpersonal experience and the development of human potential. Pneuma has collaboration agreements with the Gaden Shartshe Monastic University in India, with the Romanian Association of Psychologists, and with Spiru Haret University in Romania. Pneuma Institute is a member of the European Transpersonal Psychology Association (ETPA), the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) and the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF). In addition to its international headquarters in Mount Shasta, Pneuma Institute has offices in: Spain (Madrid and Murcia), USA (Los Angeles, New York), Canada (Vancouver, Montreal), Mexico (Mexico City, Queretaro, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, Tijuana), Portugal and Italy (Tuenno, Rome), Peru (Cusco), Australia (Byron Bay) and collaborating centres in Romania (Bucharest and Timisoara), Germany (Freiburg), Russia (Moscow), Moldova (Chisinau), India (Mundgod), where transpersonal training programs and solidarity projects are developed. We invite you to be a part of this project, to participate in our educational community and projects of solidarity, and to be inspired by this model of personal and global transformation. PNEUMA, the Greek term for Spirit which evokes an eternal and unnameable knowledge, is what will always inspire our service to the community. Our intention is the Spirit to be always present in each of our actions.