As part of our mission to preserve ancient cultural wisdom and sacred traditions, Inkarri supports the development of the Q’ero community in Peru and the conservation of their culture.

The Q’eros are the last living descendants of the Incan ancestry, and carry the spiritual traditions and healing knowledge of their extraordinary legacy. Five hundred years ago, when the Spanish conquistadors came, the Q’eros went into hiding to a remote area high up in the Andean mountains. Here they remained, and mostly unknown to the world, until 1949. Their living conditions, some at 15,000 feet, are primitive and extremely challenging.

To support the Q’eros in conserving their dwindling culture, Inkarri funds the school in Charcapata, has constructed a community center in Marcachea, is building a students’ residence in Cusco, and has an enduring commitment of continuous aid, specifically to the children of this ancient lineage. Through our Q’ero Child Education Sponsorship program, we provide for the educational needs of the children by subsidizing their continuing education.

With a tax-deductible donation of $135, you can cover the educational expenses of a Q’ero child for an entire year, this is less than $12 a month. These children have next to nothing in terms of material wealth, but are so rich in sweetness, purity, and spirit. Donations can be made via Paypal to or you can use the link below.



You can give the most meaningful gift of all, an investment of the heart. When you become a child’s sponsor, you commit to his or her well-being and growth, and to the protection of an ancient and sacred culture. These children are the future wisdom keepers of a primordial flame.

“Thank you my brothers and sisters, we will continue
walking together as one single family from the heart.”
~ Doña María Apaza​

*Please contact for more information.