With these tours we accompany the Q’ero priests to different parts of the world. In this way the spirituality and culture of their Nation is disseminated.

Within their beautiful and powerful prayers and rituals exists a deep knowledge of the subtle worlds and how to connect to them.

The physical, psychological and spiritual healing that this ancient tradition offers is imbued with both power and simplicity, characterized by a candid familiarity with Spirit which is at once magical and refreshing.


Given the conditions of extreme poverty in which the Q’eros live, we have opted to implement a program in two stages:

  • The first stage is to support their basic needs that prevent them from completing their studies: lack of school equipment and materials. The support of this program has been carried out intermittently for over 20 years. For the school year 2015 we have been able to offer substantial material support.
  • The second stage is to support the teachers who give classes in the communities so that they can remain for longer periods with their students. This phase is being explored and we are hoping to introduce it in time for the next school year. Of particular concern is assuring that there is a secondary school in the communities so that their youth do not have to go to cities such as Cuzco in order to study. Those students who do go to the cities unaccompanied tend to end up leaving school so as to be able to survive in what is generally a very difficult environment and this usually results in the loss of their cultural identity.

These programs are financed by donations.

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