Inner Knowledge – Online

with Juan Ruiz Naupari


– Sept 1 – 13
– Oct 5 – 18 Oct
– Nov 2 – Nov 15
– Nov 30 – Dec 13

We present you a revolutionary and transformative transpersonal training.

Dare to start a process of personal growth and development to discover and live your true Essential Nature and dissolve the obstacles and limiting patterns in your mind and emotions that prevent your fulfillment.

In this Training you will:

  • Discover human nature;  body + soul + spirit in its energetic, psychological and spiritual dimension and how to integrate the different parts in a healthy and balanced way.
  • You will learn introspection, self-knowledge, meditation and relaxation practices, which you can do in your day to day to sustain inner peace, joy and the health of your mind and your body.
  • You will understand the origin of suffering and how to transcend it and free yourself from it.
  • You will access deep and transformative experiences (not theoretical) with the practice of “Pneuma Breathing; The experience of divinity”, to reach states of connection with your center and integration with the Being.
  • You will understand the difference between the Being and the ego and you will discover your mental and emotional dynamics that impede your development and you will be able to transform them. Thus regaining control of your thinking and your feelings.
  • With all this, you will have taken your first step in PNEUMA TRANSPERSONAL TRAINING, a complete training to integrate the shamanic journey or transpersonal experience in your professional practice.
  • Relax your body, educate your mind, elevate your emotion, connect with your spirit … Prepare yourself for a journey to higher levels of consciousness.

Given by: Juan Ruiz Naupari

Creator of Pneuma Transpersonal Training and director of Pneuma Institute

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A live tutorial is included with facilitators and staff members, it will be the last Sunday of each study material shipment.

Pneuma Transpersonal Training has been created after 30 years of experience. It brings together the keys of today’s transpersonal psychology and the essential teaching of ancestral traditions to offer the psycho-spiritual keys necessary for the human being to reach its maximum fulfillment.