PNEUMA BREATHWORK is a revolutionary, deep and easy practice that gives natural access to extraordinary or transpersonal states of consciousness. These states allow for the exploration of the more subtle and refined inner dimensions of the psyche.

The objective of Pneuma Breathwork is to open our perception to the deeper unknown contents of our psyche, in order to make contact with our spiritual essence, with inner peace, and to gradually heal our lives. From this space we are able to make a serene investigation of the elements of the psyche that produce symptoms such as depression, meaninglessness,  and the diverse psychological abnormalities that generate suffering.

The sustained practice of breathing, combined with a specific musical sequence, along with our intention and focused concentration, opens our perception to be able to investigate the preconscious and unconscious aspects of our minds. Within the breathwork, an infinite variety of possible experiences arise, from the physical-energetic, the unblocking of emotions, the comprehension of unresolved aspects from our past, to the direct experimentation of our transpersonal and spiritual realities: karma, dharma, reincarnation and past lives, the multi-dimensionality of the universe, ecstatic experiences of deep connection and unity, which can bring understanding and the transcendence of suffering, pain and disease.

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