A workshop of Pneuma Breathwork lasts between 4 hours, one day or intensive weekends, depending on whether it is a general session, or if there are specific themes related to self-knowledge, the progressive healing of the psyche (emotional, mental, spiritual aspects, etc), or themes based on a single subject. 

The session of Pneuma Breathwork:

Total duration is 4 hours:

Presentation and motivation:

We begin with an introduction which explains the purpose of breathing, along with an overview of Pneuma philosophy and psychology. We then go through the breathing technique as Pneuma’s essential complement and practice.

Breathwork Practice:

The practice of breathwork is sustained for two hours in a dynamic way in order to expand awareness and bring about deep introspection. The breathwork is accompanied by music prepared thoroughly for the work proposed in each session. 

Integration of the experience:

After the practice, we hold an integration where we metabolize and express the experiences through the drawing of mandalas and sharing amongst the group.

In the days following the workshop, if you feel it is necessary, you can contact the facilitator via email or phone. They will assist you in the integration of the experience whenever you need it.