All spiritual traditions include dreamwork as a path to awakening. Every time we sleep, we have direct and daily access to other levels of consciousness. However, this usually occurs unconsciously and involuntarily.

Dreamwork carried out in a conscious way supports and deepens the process of self-knowledge and healing. It opens us to inner guidance and helps us gain momentum on the path of internal progression from a space of connection with our Being.

In PNEUMA DREAMWORK, you will be able to deepen into your oniric universe experience, gaining a vision based on three perspectives: Essential Shamanism, Psychology, and Spirituality.

– From the PSYCHOLOGICAL outlook: you will be able to work with your dreams as a guide on the path of Self-Knowledge and comprehension of your processes.

– From the SHAMANIC outlook: we use tools to advance toward lucid dreaming and astral experience. You will also have direct experience of Amplified States of Consciousness through Pneuma Breathwork. This safe and straightforward technique leads us to a state of connection with the multidimensionality of the Universe.

– From the SPIRITUAL outlook: we place dreamwork in a broad framework relating to Spiritual Progression and the Awakening of Consciousness. You will learn to work with your dreams to receive Guidance, Healing, Teaching, and cultivate your connection.

For 5 DAYS, we will be sharing:

– Analysis circles and dreams interpretation
– Pneuma Breathwork sessions
– Meditations and Practices for dreams memory and lucid dreaming
– Inspiration from different spiritual traditions about dream work
– Devotional Circular Dances


Pneuma Institute Retreat Center, a wonderful place among pine and cedar forests in the vicinity of Mount Shasta. A place of power known to the original nations, dedicated for hundreds of years to sanction and the Sacred.

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Maite has been an investigator of levels of consciousness since her youth. She is a specialist in Therapeutic Pedagogy (Complutense University Madrid), Psychomotricity and the Psychopathology of Language (Pontifical University of Comillas).
She also holds a post-graduate degree in Intercultural Social Mediation (The Autonomous University of Madrid). She is a facilitator of Group Processes (Internac Institute of Facilitation and Change).
She investigates, through the ancestral traditions, the analysis and interpretation of dreams and those practices which allow us to remember them and also lucid dreaming and it’s application in therapy and human development. She offers Transpersonal Training in “Pneuma Dreamwork: Dreams for Awakening” and “Essential Shamanism”.

She is a mentor for the Dances of Universal Peace.

She has published childrens stories through the publisher Alhambra Longman and participated in the creation of the poetic work, “Drifting Words”.

For more than 20 years she has shared her experience as a therapist and transpersonal trainer from the transpersonal perspective of Pneuma. She travels throughout Europe and the Americas giving workshops, seminars and conferences as well as individual sessions in Counselling and Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

* Pneuma Dreamwork is an optional module of Pneuma Transpersonal Training and Pneuma Breathwork