Pneuma Transpersonal Training ~ Transpersonal Universe II & Pneuma Breathwork 2018-2019

Online via ZOOM
Ojai & Los Angeles

December 8th – 16th
January 12th – 20th 
February 9th – 17th
March 9th-17th

We are happy to announce the next online course of Pneuma Transpersonal Training with Juan Ruiz Naupari beginning in December.

The teachings within Pneuma Transpersonal Training (PTT) will enable you to deepen, nurture, and strengthen the connection with your Essential Nature. This is the basic principle of personal development from a transpersonal and spiritual perspective.

In the module TRANSPERSONAL UNIVERSE II we broaden our knowledge of the universe, creation, and universal laws according to the perennial philosophy and the sacred books of ancestral traditions. We explore topics such as karma and dharma, the laws of return, recurrence, reincarnation, compensation, affinities, and sacred sexuality.

This course is open to those seeking personal and spiritual development. Additionally, for professionals in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, and counseling, PTT will add immense value to your therapeutic practice.

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Sundays, 10am – 2pm
Ojai & Los Angeles


Pneuma Breathwork is a revolutionary, profound, and easy-to-do practice, that naturally leads to extraordinary or transpersonal states. The goal is to open our perception to the deepest and most unknown contents of the psyche, in order to connect with our spiritual essence and inner peace, leading in this way to the gradual healing of our life.

Cost: $50 per session

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“Oh man! Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.”
~Oracle of Delphi


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