Pneuma Breathwork – Ojai, California

Pneuma Breathwork is a revolutionary, profound, and easy-to-do practice that naturally takes us to extraordinary or transpersonal states. Amplified states of consciousness allow for the exploration of the deepest internal dimensions of the psyche. The goal of this practice is to open our perception in order to connect with our spiritual essence, which leads to healing, inner peace, and greater well-being in our lives. During a session of Pneuma Breathwork, we dynamically breathe light to enter into amplified states of consciousness.

The breathwork is accompanied by music especially prepared for this transpersonal work. After the practice, we integrate our experience through the creative expression of drawing a mandala and sharing our insights in a supportive environment.

DATE & TIME: Sunday, September 26, 11am-2:30 pm
LOCATION: The Ojai Retreat
COST: $60