In a wonderful enclave in the vicinity of Mount Shasta, we invite you to participate in the next retreats that we have organized for you.


Our mission is to share with you techniques and tools that accompany your personal growth and comprehensive well-being in a safe and healthy environment.


In our retreats you will be able to:

  • Enjoy the pine and cedar forest in which you will be immersed in a permanent forest bath that will fill you with balance and energy.
  • Have a learning and connection experience through the knowledge that the ancient spiritual traditions left for our evolution focused on each of the topics that we propose to you.
  • Perform meditation practices, pranayama, mantras, meditative walks to nourish your soul and calm your mind
  • Make a healthy meal to regenerate your energy.


This spring we are offering:

  • Pneuma Dreamwork: Dreams for Awakening
  • Solar Magnetism-Light Therapy
  • Essential Shamanism


ATENCIÓN: Las plazas están limitadas para garantizar las medidas de seguridad necesarias.


FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE WRITE TO: shasta@pneumainstitute.org




April 28th – May 2nd


In ancient traditions, there were temples where you could go to find the Sacred Dream. They were special places the science was known to achieve healing, teaching and guidance through dreams.

We are offering a retreat in this special place, in the vicinity of Mount Shasta and surrounded by wonderful nature, where you will learn techniques to move from dream memory to lucid dreaming.


For 5 DAYS, we will be sharing:


– Analysis circles and dreams interpretation

– Pneuma Breathwork sessions

– Meditations and Practices for dreams memory and lucid dreaming

– Inspiration from different spiritual traditions about dream work

– Devotional Circular Dances



Level I: April 23th – 25th

Level II: May 21th – 23th


SOLAR MAGNETISM is a healing system that emerged from the research into the ancient Eastern and Western therapies that use the transmission of vital, universal energy for well-being, healing and improved health.

This healing method has always been present since antiquity in Greek schools of philosophy, the Western esoteric tradition, Kabbalah, ancient Egypt, etc. These Solar Cults were the Western cradle where energy was respected and used with the possibility to transmit it as a healing tool, both physically and psychologically.

Nowadays, and thanks to the inspiration from the Golden Eagle, this system is recovering its power and purpose.


With SOLAR MAGNETISM you will:

  • Strengthen your connection with the Vital Energy
  • Increase your health and vitality
  • Open up the space for the healing of symptoms that cause suffering and loss of energy
  • Speed up the process of spiritual progression
  • Learn to work with the five elements of the physical body: earth, water, fire, air and akash
  • Obtain your diploma of Solar Magnetism Therapist, issued by the Pneuma System, at the end of the training.


The training system in SOLAR MAGNETISM to become a therapist is divided into four initiation levels that qualify people to give healing and self-healing sessions using different symbols and progressively reinforcing the connection with the vital energy.





May 25th – 30th


The kingdoms of the future will be forged with the might of the Warrior.

Warrior who now knows how to plow, build, pray, walk with God in his heart,

move brothers and sisters, inspire, get ahead of the present.

Warriors of Light, Love and Forgiveness.

Golden Eagle



Shaman, Shaman … he/she is the one, the one, who travels the path of Knowledge, the path of Consciousness, a path with heart and meaning. The Way with a heart has meaning, wisdom, truth and love.

With this workshop, we begin a cycle of research in expanded states of consciousness on the main shamanic archetypes and their integration and metabolization in us.



For 5 DAYS, we will be sharing:


  • Circle of inspiration and words to generate a group energy and intention.
  • Psychoenergetic practices with meditation, introspection, sacred dances, etc., for the activation of shamanic archetypes, healing and energy balance.
  • Internal research on the Light and Shadow of the Celestial Warrior archetype
  • Shamanic Journey with Pneuma Breathwork. With the opportunity to experience the Expanded States of Consciousness through a safe and powerful technique that facilitates access to the other planes of Reality.
  • We will finish the work with practices for the integration of the experience.



* ESSENTIAL SHAMANISM is a current of shamanism started by Juan Ruiz Naupari that investigates the shamanisms of the East and West and recovers their ancient practices.



FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE WRITE TO: shasta@pneumainstitute.org