Pneuma Institute deeply believes it is necessary to preserve the education of  ancient cultures, in particular, Tibetan Buddhism whose traditions serve the purpose of teaching the inherent wisdom of the heart.

Our aim is:

  • To keep this beautiful lineage alive since we share the same values and ideals
  • To preserve the virtues such as wisdom, compassion, unity, inner peace and love and live accordingly.
  • To strive for deeper knowledge.
  • To cultivate a spiritualized intellect which contributes to the transformation of consciousness of the human being.
  • To encourage a peaceful coexistence and brotherhood between all human beings.

Buddha Maitreya Project


The Buddha Maitreya Project emphasizes the education of children and young monks who deal with several challenges, one of the most important being inconsistency due to lack of funding in general.

  • Sparsely equipped library and few educational materials.
  • Poor sanitary conditions and facilities
  • Over crowded dormitories
  • Insufficient study and prayer rooms
  • Lack of money to feed the monks properly
  •  Lack of money to hire english teachers


In the last couple of years the arrival of monks to India from Tibet has increased substantially which has led to more difficulties in meeting the needs of the monasteries.

Pneuma Institute has created new projects and developed our existing ones to meet current needs.

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