Pneuma Institute (Inkarri Cultural Association) has collaborated for more than 20 years with Tibetan monasteries with the objective of helping to keep Tibetan Buddhism alive, a cultural and spiritual tradition which still maintains it’s original practices and rituals.

It’s important to remember that after the invasion of Tibet by China, many monks had to abandon their country and go into exile in India, where their basic health and educational needs were not always met. It has been our objective to collaborate with certain monasteries so that they may continue to support and educate their monks with the aim of keeping this beautiful lineage alive. It has also been our intention to bring the knowledge and benefits of this culture and it’s ritual practices (which are so powerful for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health – helping to establish Inner Peace) to the West. For this reason, we have called the tour that the monks undertake with us throughout different countries, “The World Tour for Inner Peace.”