There are many problems to be solved and projects that need to be developed or brought to conclusion. Among them is the building of study halls, the improvement and maintenance of the library and the sanitary and hygiene facilities and especially that of feeding 1400 monks. The monks food consists of a cup of tea and a piece of bread for breakfast and lunch, followed by a cup of sweet tea at 3pm and then rice and lentils for dinner.

As well as the Tour for Inner Peace, we collect funds for the improvement of primary education, assisting in projects for the sponsorship and equipping of children so that they can finance their studies.

An area of special attention for us has been in seeking support for the preservation and diffusion of Tibetan medicine. Their ancestral practices constitute a unique branch within the health sciences. We feel that it’s disappearance would be a loss for humanity. Owing to this, as well as hosting Tibetan medical consultations in our centers, we are exploring several different projects to support the preservation and flourishing of their medicine.

Some of these projects can be found in the “Solidarity” section in “Products”.