Analysis and Pneuma Breathwork

We offer a process of Transpersonal Training for people who want to incorporate Pneuma Breathwork and the Amplified States of Consciousness into their psychotherapeutic practice and know the framework and structure that Pneuma Transpersonal Analysis offers for individual sessions.

It also comprises a deep and practical training for people who want to deepen their psychological and spiritual process.

Certification is offered through Pneuma Institute which runs training courses for those wishing to offer Pneuma Breathwork sessions workshops and individual sessions of Pneuma Transpersonal Analysis. Those wishing to present themselves professionally as therapists must meet the legal requirements of the country in which they wish to practice.
Especially aimed at psychologists and health and education professionals, but also at anyone who wants to offer Pneuma Breathwork sessions, because the training is in and of itself designed as a solid program covering both conceptual and practical aspects and also the direct experience of Amplified States of Consciousness or Transpersonal Experiences.

The training process involves a thorough individual work in which the future Pneuma Analyst experiences within himself the process of self-knowledge, transformation and healing which he will later come to apply in his practice, for this reason, the minimum time required for training is two years. There is no maximum time limit, so that each person can adapt it flexibly to their own pace and needs.

Training is currently being taught in Bucharest and Timisoara, supported and organized by the European Associations and Romanian Transpersonal Psychology and Psychological Association of Bucharest, offered to psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, professionals and the general public. It has a value of 40 credits per module. Currently the first series is being completed and we are embarking on the second.

Ethical agreements

compartir-2Trainers, Analysts and Facilitators of Pneuma System and Pneuma Breathwork, aware that we move in the world of Samsara, consider this Code of Ethics a way to establish correct relations with all those who come to our workshops. For this reason, we commit to:

1. Comply with the rules established in this code of ethics.
2. Maintain the absolute confidentiality of students, patients and the general public who participate in training or workshops we offer.
3. Behave ethically with participants and students working with them, according to the premises of the inner work of Pneuma System. Paying special attention, in our role as facilitators, to the egoic dynamics of power, competitiveness, fame, money, sexual attraction, which can occur within our psyche on interacting with groups.
4. Respect and maintain the programs established for each area, transmitting them in an appropriate and reliable manner, preparing properly by deepening in our study and inner work so that we may integrate the experiences of amplified states of consciousness into our lives.
5. Stay active and updated in terms of training and work methodology of Pneuma System and Pneuma Breathwork, therefore we commit to taking an update module (we may choose between mandatory or complementary modules) every three years.