Analysis and Pneuma Breathwork consists of seven modules:

Inner Knowledge

Analysis and investigation of human nature that includes the study of values of consciousness and the transcendence of ego. This course integrates the map of the personal process proposed by the ancestral traditions and also the tools that they have offered in order to move the human being towards a objective which goes beyond the healing of physical or psychological symptoms: namely self-realization. It provides understanding of the mental and emotional personal processes and the ability to overcome them in order to reach the nucleus of peace and harmony which is the true nature of every human being.

Paradigm of Self-Knowledge

We recovered the phases of the inner work that the sacred traditions and spiritual teachers have recorded in their scriptures conducting a comparative study of them and recovering the common threads to them all in order to propose a global model which, step by step, leads to Integral Wellbeing or the Awakening.

Transpersonal Universe I

We investigate the subtle reality of the human being and his internal dimensions. This module proposes the application of transpersonal experiences in a therapeutic context expanding and completing the concepts regarding our deep human anatomy and reality: psychoenergetic centers, chakras, subtle bodies, multidimensionality of the universe … The goal is to integrate these experiences and concepts into our everyday reality so that they may constitute a guide for our inner development.

Transpersonal Universe II

We deepen our understanding of the universe, creation and universal laws according to the philosophy of ancient traditions and the sacred books they left us: karma and dharma, return, recurrence, reincarnation, compensation, the law of affinity, sacred sexuality, etc, concepts which are key to understanding our life circumstances, family and personal relationships, the appearance of certain health symptoms and the transcending of these aspects from the cause that gave rise to them in the first place.

Transpersonal Analysis and the practice of Pneuma Breathwork

We study the fundamentals, practice and structure of the therapeutic session of Pneuma Transpersonal Analysis and the implementation of amplified states of consciousness in a therapeutic setting. We explore the use of music and breathwork to open unknown spaces within the psyche and the use of mandalas and the word for the integration of the experience. We analyse transpersonal and / or mystical psychopathology. Theory and practice of bodywork that, at times, it is necessary to implement in Pneuma Breathwork sessions.

Cartography of Consciousness

Here we gain knowledge and understanding of the internal processes of transformation through the study of myths, archetypes and symbols from the oldest traditions in the world: Buddhism, Kabbalah, Shamanism, Christianity, Hinduism, Alchemy, Greek mythology, etc … symbols and archetypes belonging to the collective unconscious of humanity that are still active and present within the psyche. Through the experience and integration of them, their healing potential is activated leading to the comprehension of our internal processes.



This signals the completion of the learning process the student began two years previously. In this module students will have the opportunity to ask questions, demonstrate their integration of their experiences and also show their expertise as a facilitator, as well as share and value their journey of self-knowledge. Clinical case studies will also be presented.
Each module consists of:
Five days (or three weekends) with 40 hours of theory and practical sessions including 2 Pneuma Breathwork sessions.

Other requirements:

• 10 Pneuma Breathwork sessions (in addition to those included in the training modules), with certified facilitators.
• At least 12 individual Pneuma Transpersonal Analysis sessions with certified facilitators. This process can be carried out in parallel to attending the modules. The price of the sessions will be established with the therapist.
• 1 hour music consultation to be held during the Certification module.
• Participation as an assistant trainee in 3 Pneuma Breathwork workshops offered by certified facilitators.

III. Complementary modules:

For those who wish to deepen and complete this training or who are interested in a particular topic, there will be complementary modules:

• Gnostic Buddhism (India)
• Bhagavad Guita (India)
• Resurrection of Osiris (Egypt)
• Gospel of the Cosmic Christ (Israel)
• The Route of Paul the Gnostic (Greece)
• Sacred Sexuality:
• Sexual Magic Module I speciality in Sacred Sexuality (India)
• Alchemy: Refinement of the Psyche and Love (Switzerland)
• Apocryphal Gnostic Gospels and Modules I, II, III, IV
• Pneuma Dreamwork: Dreams for Awakening
This module provides practical tools to advance from the remembering of dreams and their use in Pneuma Transpersonal Analysis to lucid dreaming and astral experiences. It brings together the most effective practices that different ancestral traditions have used to recover their sleep time not only as part of the therapeutic process but as part of Life.
• Essential Shamanism: Those ancestral traditions closest to the Earth can provide a broad anthropological perspective of the healing process, providing a framework and explanation which is very apt for the processes of psychological transformation and even physical transformation. Many spiritual emergencies and transpersonal experiences can be best understood from this perspective. This module investigates and activates the four main shamanic archetypes: The Celestial Warrior, The Medicine Man/Woman, The Path of Vision, and The Solar Man/Woman.

The Pneuma Transpersonal Analyst commits to the continued process of self-exploration and updating of his information, for this reason he/she will participate in at least one of the mandatory, optional or complementary modules every 3 years.