Transpersonal Universe – Online Course

Transpersonal Universe is the second core module in Transpersonal Psychology and Pneuma Breathwork within the Pneuma System.

In this module we continue to deepen our experience of the Sacred, both within and outside of ourselves, and thus, we learn to live our lives with increasing awareness and clarity.⁣

It expands upon concepts regarding the anatomy of the human being and reality, such as psychoenergetic centers, chakras, subtle bodies, and the multidimensionality of the universe.⁣

🏹The objective is to integrate these concepts and transpersonal experiences into our daily reality, so that they may guide our inner development.⁣

⚖️ In this module we broaden our knowledge of the universe, creation, and universal laws according to the philosophy and sacred books of ancestral traditions. We explore topics such as karma and dharma, the laws of return, recurrence, reincarnation, compensation, affinities, and sacred sexuality.⁣

📖 Understanding such ideas are vital to the comprehension of our life circumstances, personal and familial relationships, and the appearance of particular symptoms, so that we can transcend these aspects by understanding the causes that gave rise to them.⁣

✏️Two opportunities and schedules to join beginning:⁣

🔸Saturday, April 17th, 9 – 10:30 am – Ojai, CA, Facilitated by Jaime Flores & Lucy Pacheco on Saturdays,⁣

🔸Thursday, April 22, 5 – 6:30 pm – Portland, OR ,Facilitated by Avasa and Matthew Love on Thursdays,⁣