with Juan Ruiz Naupari
21 September – 7 December








We are offering the second module of PNEUMA TRANSPERSONAL TRAINING, where you
will have access to a synthesis of the most advanced currents in psychology and
spirituality that will allow you to find the answers that you need and to know how to apply
them to your life and everyday circumstances.

If you are a therapist and are asking yourself how to support your clients with a
transpersonal vision that can really help them to get out of their mental and
emotional suffering patterns and reach higher levels of plenitude, happiness
and harmony, this is the training you were looking for.

In Transpersonal Universe I you will:

Receive key concepts to understand why certain circumstances happen in your
life, in your relationships, with your family and why they repeat themselves. You
will also have access to practices and tools to exit the cycle of repetition.

Learn about your true human, transpersonal and spiritual nature and how to
reach higher levels of self-realisation.

Re-define the concepts of life and death on the psychological, mystical and
physical levels.

Broaden your vision of death and dying and how to accompany others in this

Have a complete vision of the universal laws such as Karma and Dharma,
reincarnation, recurrence, evolution and devolution and how you can apply
them to improve your life.

Access the practice of Pneuma Breathwork, a powerful tool that will help you
overcome traumas, heal emotional wounds, connect with your heart and place
yourself in a space of awareness and compassion.

Learn to use the transpersonal experience in your therapy thanks to the
knowledge of the maps given by internal experiences.
Our training is endorsed by more than 30 years accompanying people and

Given by: Juan Ruiz Naupari
Creator of Pneuma Transpersonal Training and director of Pneuma Institute


  • 21st September |2nd October
  • 19th October | 1st November
  • 16th November |  29th November
  • 7th December | 20th December

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