Ceremony Descriptions – Doña Maria Apaza – Annual Inner Peace Tour 2019 INKARRI PROJECT


Altamisayoc Doña Maria Apaza


October 30th – November 10th

November 12th – November 21th

November 21st – November 26th


November 26th – December 7th



for Individuals and Groups

Coca Leaf Reading

Personal Healing

Flower Blessing

The Call of the Soul;
Children’s Healing

Individual Despacho;
Prayer & Blessing of Gratitude

Ñusta K’allpachiy;
Reinforcing the Sacred Feminine
Women’s Ceremony 

Karpay Initiation

Energetic Clearing & Blessing;
For Your Home or Business


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Coca Leaf Reading 

Individuals, couples or families (30 min)

Recommended before all individual sessions to gain clarity of one’s intention. 

Personal consultations: The readings of coca leaves are similar to the use, in other traditions, of the reading of the Tarot and the lines of the hands. The Andean priest enters into a connection with the spirit of the “mama coca” in order to be able to respond to the questions that the participant asks and to obtain the answers. In the internal plane the questions that pertain to the inner-work, relate to the three levels of consciousness, the Ucju Pacha, Kay Pacha, and Hanac Pacha, (past, present, and future). The reading is an excellent way to gain deeper insight into one’s life from the objective and amplified perspective of spirit and provides direction and focus of intention for a personal healing, despacho, cleansing or Nusta. Especially if one is unsure which type of individual session to have, a coca leaf reading will provide clarity.


Personal Healing or Cleansing  

Individuals, couples or families (1hr)

Groups (2 hrs)

Physical healings, calling on the Apus, the spirit of the mountain and on the elements of Nature: air, water, fire. Healings or cleansings of the aura or spirit, (calling on the anima or soul) utilizing the sacred mesa, a working tool that was given to the Priest/Priestess during his/her initiations by the great elders. Integrating the spirit into the body, in order to strengthen the unity and so as not to allow illness nor depression to enter.


Despacho, Offering of Gratitude

Individuals, couples or families (1hr)

Groups (2 hrs)

Despacho offerings are retributions and prayers to Mother Earth, Pachamama, and the Apus (spirit of the mountains) for all of the blessings received. Within this work, there are rituals that have developed for prosperity, safe travels, good health, prosperous work, overcoming obstacles that impede one’s development both in the material and spiritual realm.


Karpay Initiation

Individuals (1hr)

These initiations are personal and serve to open the energetic centers (chakras) and to establish the connection with the energy of the Andes. Recommended for medics, therapists, psychologists, and specialists who work in healthcare. It is a powerful energetic recharge that, in many cases, allows one to begin to understand or exercise certain faculties that may not have been utilized previously due to blockages. Each Karpay involves a kind of “renewal of vows” in which the person actualizes their inner commitment to the mission of the Spirit.

Within the Karpays (ritual offerings to the Pachamama), and sacred ceremonies of healing, aura cleansing, the Force of the spirit of the Apus (the sacred mountains), intervenes and the objective is to balance our duality, because in the conception of our ancestors there existed the Wisdom that if the spirit was not in balance with the physical body then illness began and one attracted negativity. The direct experience of the inner Apu (Spirit), is explained through the Andean cosmovision in the concept of the three Pachas or worlds: Condor, Puma, and Serpent. 


Ñusta K’allpachiy, Reinforcing the Feminine Energy 

Individual females (1hr)

Groups of women (2 hrs)

Ñusta is akin to the female archetype of the solar human, the feminine aspect of INKARRI and is, therefore, a symbol of wisdom through love. An offering that is performed only for women, invoking the Mother Earth and the feminine energies of the mountains and the water. In the Andean tradition “Ñusta” is the wise woman chosen by the Inka, this profound work propels women to advance on the path of Wisdom and the establishment of “Inkarri,” the energy of Love and Compassion in one’s own heart.


Flower Cleansing  

Individuals, couples or families (30 min)

Groups (2 hrs)

Recommended for children, teens, and adults

The ceremony is a cleansing realized with a blessing of water and flowers that have been consecrated with prayers. It serves to remove obstacles so that all that is positive in our lives may flourish. These sessions can be very sweet and purifying, returning a sense of prosperity and the freshness youth and spring to our lives.

Children’s Blessing; Call for the Return of the Soul

Children age 12 and under (30 min) 

Children, owing to their delicate constitutional state, can be effect by the negative energies they may encounter. These traumas that fragment their psyches or souls make it difficult to sleep at night, they may have nightmares, trouble with classmates at school or siblings and parents at home or they may become physically ill. This ceremony calls for their soul to return to them, healing the trauma and the fragmentation. The results can be seen in how they begin to relate better with others, they start to become healthier, they may sleep better at night, and that their optimism returns to them.


House or Business Clearing  

Families or business associates (1.5hrs)

Cleansing and elimination of blocks and negativities, brings blessings, prosperity, and protection to the space and its inhabitants. The priest connects with the spirit and from there the house or business space is cleansed and blessed with prayers, water, and flowers.


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