Doña Maria Apaza Returns with the Inner Peace Tour 2019 INKARRI PROJECT


The Annual World Inner Peace Tour 2019
Doña Maria Apaza Machaca

Pneuma Institute invites you to rejoice in celebration around the great heart that is Doña María Apaza Machaca, the last Inca Priestess with the degree of initiation of Altamisayoc. As the only female with this degree, she remains the highest Andean Priestess of the Q’ero Nation and comes from Hatun Quigo, of Cusco, Peru to “welcome the Major Spirits, the most important and powerful”.

Initiated in the Ancestral Andean Wisdom she will visit our country as part of the Inkarri Project, a solidarity program Pneuma Institute’s founder and director Juan Ruiz Naupari has maintained for over 30 years. She returns to guide the 2019 Inner Peace Tour opening our hearts to the inner paths of light and wisdom; reminding us that within the heart there exists the capacity to communicate with the Pachamama, Mother Earth and our Inner Mother, the eternal feminine and with the Great Father, that dwells in our interior.

The principal theme of the INKARRI PROJECT is the exaltation of Human Values; such as compassion and universal love, unity, inner peace, and the Respect and Connection with Mother Earth. In this way, the ceremonies of initiation, meditations, purifications, and energetic healings, that will be offered, based on the principles that have been guarded by the Inca culture throughout its history, will promote the ideal of spirituality and inner-knowledge, as well as the development and support of planetary harmony.

Through these activities, we seek to build among the participants a bridge of light and transformation that will refine their inner-state. These are works that by ancestral tradition the Priests and Priestesses of the Great Q’ero Nation have dedicated themselves to cultivate.



You can support the objectives of the INKARRI PROJECT:

  • To promote, reactivate, and share the connection with Pachamama, recuperating the ancestral values of peace, respect and honor toward Mother Earth.
  • To contribute through Q’ero customs, ceremonies, initiations and traditional healings, the understanding, and dissemination of the Inca Culture.
  • To sustain the Q’ero community in Cusco for the recovery of traditional values and ancestral wisdom of the Great Q’ero Nation.
  • To reunite in a series of ecumenical events at religious institutions, humanist associations, and philosophical or mystical schools, with the goal of establishing harmonious links that allow for the communion among all the people of the Earth.



“Pneuma is an invitation to transformation.
If you have a righteous consciousness
you will have a righteous life;
This is the type of consciousness
required to live a relaxed and serene life.
Let us know inner work more deeply,
let us practice, for in this way,
we will be able to see gradual changes
because change in Spirit is possible
by working on one’s self.”

Juan Ruiz Naupari

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