PARTNERSHIP – Free Online Gathering for YOUNG PEOPLE with Juan Ruiz Naupari

How to Let Go of the One Who is Not For You
and Acknowledge The One Who Is

Free Online Gathering
With Juan Ruiz Naupari

Saturday, February 9th
am to 12:30 pm PST
(Please, make sure to convert the time according to your time zone.)

We are happy to continue with the special gatherings dedicated to youngsters, we invite you to this great event that will take place on February 09th, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm PST with Juan Ruiz Naupari.

In the manner of the Satsang of the Vedanta tradition, Juan Ruiz Naupari will be conducting this interactive session with youths and young adults from Pneuma’s transpersonal perspective.

Remember that your way of thinking, feeling and acting can make a big difference in your world and in the world.

 We will be glad to see you in this gathering.

Pneuma Transpersonal Satsang;
an encounter with the eternal wisdom found in the traditions

-A gathering with a community that has your same concerns and that is also searching, just like you.
-A space of trust where you can bring up your doubts, share your life experiences and delve into your present worries.
-In short, a Pneuma Satsang is a space where Juan Ruiz, thanks to the research he has done into psychology and different traditions over 30 years, will dissect myths, legends, the Sacred History, and archetypes which will give you a new perspective on the meaning of life and how to exist in the world more consciously and happily.

Any question that worries you will be welcome in the gathering such those in regards to:
-Friendship, parent-child relationships
-Vocation, professional orientation.
-Sexuality and partnership, life and death
-Self-knowledge, social participation.

1. Click to Register
2. Once you complete the subscription form you will receive an e-mail with the link to the gathering.
3. On the day of the event: please save an hour and a half for yourself in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
4. Please log in at 10:45 am PST on Saturday, February 09th so that we can start on time.
5. You will only need your computer, cell phone or iPad and a good internet connection.

NOTICE: Although this is a gathering for youth, people of all ages can also participate as listeners, but it will not be possible for them to ask questions.