Pneuma Transpersonal Training

We would like to share with you the news about the next Certification Module of Pneuma Transpersonal Training.

This module has been designed to complete your training as a Pneuma Breathwork Facilitator. We have been sharing some very intense time throughout the modules that compose this training. We hope that they have really been healing and transformative for you.


The advances in technology have really made it possible to share these rich and profound teachings with you. Without these advances it would not have been possible to have shared them with you in many cases owing to time and distance.

However, we believe that some elements cannot be transmitted online, thus gatherings, presence, energy, sharing while looking at one another in the eyes and feeling close, are required.

For this reason we have designed the on-site Certification Module. It will take place between April 21st-26th at Pneuma Retreat Center, in Mount Shasta, California. Our director Juan Ruiz Naupari, creator of Pneuma System will be present.

If you haven’t finished the PTT program yet but you would like to become fully immersed in the practice and in the transpersonal experience, you are also encouraged to accompany us. It will undoubtedly be an experience that your heart will never forget.

We would like to let you know that the number of registrations is restricted owing to limited space and accommodation. In two weeks from now this information will be public but we want to prioritize your participation. For this reason we encourage you to register now, so that your reservation is guaranteed.

See you soon in the sacred land of Mount Shasta!


Pneuma Transpersonal Training has been created after 30 years of experience and it gathers all today’s transpersonal psychology keys together with the essential teachings of ancient traditions to offer the necessary psycho-spiritual keys for the Human Being to reach his maximum plenitude.

This training offers you a magnificent opportunity to achieve real changes and achieve the state of well-being and fullness that you have been looking for for so long.