Tsongkhapa Commemoration India 2019 ~ The Ascent to Nirvana in this Era

Pneuma Institute & Ganden Monasteries
An experience your heart will never forget…


In December of 2019 thousands of Buddhist Monks will gather for a historic event called, The Tsongkhapa Commemoration, it’s the 600th year anniversary of the ascension to Nirvana of the Great Lama Tsongkhapa, the creator of the Gelugpa lineage, and you are invited to join us! His Holiness the Dalai Lama will preside over this momentous celebration, and it will take place at the Gaden Monastery, in Karnataka India.

We are inviting you, as part of our global Pneuma community, to be one of the few privileged witnesses of this unique program. 

“Mentally put on the armor of joyous perseverance that is enthusiastic about the following: the goal of enlightenment, the aim of accomplishing happiness and eliminating the suffering of all living beings.”
~The Great Lama Tsongkhapa

Registration and Information: tsongkhapa2019@pneumainstitute.org


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