Cartography of Consciousness – Mount Shasta

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Dear Friends,

In December, we will have the opportunity to further our spiritual development and psychological process with the third module of Pneuma Transpersonal Training (PTT), Cartography of Consciousness. This course will be offered in Mount Shasta, a place of incomparable beauty and a center of spiritual energy on the planet.

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We look forward to being together in the magnificent environment of Mount Shasta, and deepening our process of inner knowledge.

Pneuma Institute

December 1st–8th
Pneuma Retreat Center
Mount Shasta, California

Presented by Juan Ruiz Naupari, Director of Pneuma Institute & Creator of PTT, this course will help you to broaden your professional and/or personal psychological-spiritual training, and propel you towards an exquisite process of true and permanent transformation, through the following:

  • Acquiring knowledge and understanding of the processes of inner transformation, by studying ancient mythologies and traditions from around the globe; including Buddhism, Kabbalah, Shamanism, Christianity, Hinduism, Alchemy, and Greek Mythology.
  • Learning about the symbols and archetypes from the collective subconscious, which are still active and present in the psyche.
  • Having the experience and integration of these symbols in order to activate their healing potential, and gain greater understanding of our inner processes.
  • Pneuma Breathwork sessions to work with amplified states of consciousness.

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“Studying transpersonal psychology often involves studying spirituality and the parts of the ego that are typically unexplored. Because this field of psychology deals with spirituality, there is often a religious aspect to it as well. This entails getting acquainted with previously unknown levels of consciousness and life beyond the physical plane.”
~ Juan Ruiz Naupari