Specialization Modules in Mount Shasta ~ Pneuma Transpersonal Training 2019

Pneuma Transpersonal Training
Specialization Modules
With Juan Ruiz Naupari

We invite you to participate in Pneuma Transpersonal Training Specialization Modules at our wonderful retreat center in Mount Shasta, California in the spring of 2019. The two complementary modules offered, Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious in the Tarot and Transpersonal Vision of Kabbalah.

Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious in the Tarot
March 29th – April 04th

The cards of the Tarot, as an instrument of knowledge, are an exquisite collection of symbols that open a window to eternity.  Since the beginning of time the main evolutionary stages of the human being are represented in the Tarot.
The Major and Minor Arcana represent psychological images, symbols and archetypes that describe the inner journey of the soul towards the reunion with the Inner Being. The archetypes are manifested in each culture through myths, fables, legends and dreams. One of its most precious expressions is represented by the Arcana of the Tarot.

Through the analysis and study of the arcana, you can experience the discovery and activation of these symbols by learning to listen, understand and integrate the necessary information for your psycho-spiritual progress.


Transpersonal Vision of Kabbalah
April 6th – April 12th

Kabbalah, a source of profound knowledge in the Hebrew tradition, offers one of the most complete maps of the human being’s process of evolution, consciousness, and creation.

 The term Kabbalah means “revealed knowledge.” This meaning emphasizes the importance of direct experience and describes how, in the depths of every person, there is a seed of happiness, love and beauty, as well as the wisdom of the path that must be traveled in order to return to Unity.  

The path that Kabbalah proposes is based on the development of internal listening and deep observation of Nature and its secrets to recover the memory of the traces of the Divine hidden in the world. With this purpose, the symbols and archetypes contained in Kabbalah, when properly interpreted, invite us to enter the wonderful laboratory of the Inner Universe to bridge the macrocosmic and the microcosmic and to become, step by step, self-realized men and women.

In this module we will practice Pneuma Breathwork, to enter the realms of the transpersonal and to know and experience directly the healing potential of amplified states of consciousness. 

Registration and Information: shasta@pneumainstitute.org

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