Pneuma Institute is a non-profit association that proposes and offers:

In the area of training:


A holistic transpersonal training that integrates all aspects of the person: physical, psychological and spiritual. Targeted to:

  • All those who wish to implement tools for the development of consciousness in their daily life, to have greater knowledge of themselves and to deepen their process of healing, balance and completeness.
  • Those who wish to incorporate the healing potential of Amplified States of Consciousness professionally into their therapeutic practice by offering individual and group sessions of Pneuma Breathwork, and using practices of introspection, meditation, contemplation, etc, to address pathology from a transpersonal perspective.

Each module includes four sessions of Pneuma Breathwork (practice of Amplified States of Consciousness).

In the area of solidarity:

PNEUMA FOUNDATION sustains five projects:

  • Pneuma Institute: Upgrades and expansion of the Pneuma Retreat Center in Mount Shasta, California, including scholarships and student aid.
  • Maitreya Project: Permanent support for Tibetan people and culture. Through the World Tour for Inner Peace, with the Gaden Shartse Monastery, we collaborate in spreading the spiritual tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, and sustaining and improving the quality of life in the monasteries.
  • Inkarri Project: We work especially with the Q’ero Nation of Cuzco, Peru, the last stronghold of the ancient Inca wisdom. We help support several communities by carrying out educational projects and promoting tours of Andean priests and priestesses for the recovery and maintenance of their culture, traditions, language, rituals and world view.
  • World Day of Inner Peace: We propose October 27 as an international celebration of deep Peace. We are certain that only through peace born in the depths of our hearts can humans inspire and transmit inner peace to their society and to the world.

In the area of counseling and psychotherapy:

  • Pneuma Therapy: We accompany you in your vital process with personalized transpersonal psychotherapy sessions. This kind of psychotherapy is adapted to your problems. Whether it is specific vital crisis, a spiritual emergency, or a psychological pathology, in the shortest possible time, you will be able to take charge of your inner processes yourself. Offered by highly qualified professionals in our Institute and in other psychotherapeutic areas, and with a deep and integrated experience of transpersonal states of consciousness.